Happiness Secrets: Feel-Good Tricks for Blah Days

I think it was the Cosmopolitan where I came across the following article.  Since I had found the article some tips have proven benefitial to me maybe you find some benefit was well.

1. Take an iPod time-out. Put in your ear buds, and lose yourself in your favorite tunes. A slower tempo will relax you, but music that’s heavy and throbbing will let you work through anger or annoyance so you can get those negative emotions out of your system quickly, explains Los Angeles psychologist Yvonne Thomas, PhD.
2. Slick on red lip gloss. Red lips exude confidence and sex appeal. The reaction you get from others will help replace your bad mood with sexy self-assuredness.
3. Crack up in front of your computer. It’s impossible to feel bad when you’re laughing, so download a video from funnyordie.com or collegehumor.com.
4. Switch on your desk lamp. Harsh overhead lighting can amplify stress and irritation, while a softer glow can help soothe you.
5. Surround yourself with yellow and orange. Studies show that people become more joyful in these warm, bright colors, explains Leatrice Eiseman, author of More Alive With Color, possibly because they remind us of the sun. If you don’t have a yellow or orange garment to wear, pick up flowers in these hues.
6. Visualize your happy place. Maybe it’s a tropical beach or your childhood bedroom. Whatever the location, close your eyes and conjure up the image. Changing your mind’s wallpaper to a place you adore will make you happy, says Thomas.
7. Have a quickie. If sex isn’t possible, reveling in the memory of a sack session also will flood your system with blissful sensations, says life coach Martha Beck, PhD, author of Finding Your Own North Star.

8. Put on clothes you look hot in. Every chick has something in her closet that nets her positive feedback from friends, coworkers, and random strangers. Change into it — even if it’s just a pair of sex-kittenish heels — and enjoy the ego boost.
9. Snack on citrus fruits. They can improve your mood, says psychologist Dale Atkins, PhD, author of Sanity Savers. And because they take time to peel, you’ll likely eat slowly and not end up pigging out.

10. Breathe away bad vibes. Inhale slowly and deeply for five seconds, then exhale for five. You’ll breathe yourself into a more affirmative mind-set, says Atkins.
11. Be a nature girl. Eat lunch in a park. Lie on the grass in your backyard and watch birds fly overhead. Exposure to the outdoors will lower your heart rate and defuse a pessimistic outlook, says Atkins.


Blog Writing Therapy

I’m still new to all this and I mainly started due to the encouragement of my friend Dr. Genius which I have written about before and my behavioral therapist.  I’m not much of a writer and I’m never really pleased with what I write since I often lack the words of what I’m try to convey.  I read far more posts of others then I write myself.

Reading the blogs of others makes me feel better, thinking “WOW I’m not alone others struggle with the same issues”.  Now of course I have a set of friends to which I can go and confide in.  Maybe it’s just me but whenever I do I’m often left with a feeling of disappointment.  I tell my friends (except one of them) about an event that made me uncomfortable and I get “why didn’t you say XYZ” or I get “WOW I can’t believe you put up with that” or better “Well all you need to do is…”.

I’m left thinking; really did you just listen to what I said?  Did you take the time to put yourself into my position?  Are you really that sure of yourself that you would have handled the situation as you claim you would and if what should I think of you now?

Here is the link to a post I read earlier. (I wanted to just reblog it but couldn’t figure out how)  It’s one messed up situation but I would have done, in that situation, the exact same thing and if I would have told my friends later about it, all of them except one would have said things like I stated above.  I felt so much better after reading this post and felt terribly bad for the girl it happened too.

Being Argumentative


These days I’m juggling three jobs.  So far I’m doing well I guess as long as my co-workers don’t accuse me of being argumentative.

So here is the synopsis of the situation which accrued this afternoon.

I was schedule to work from 9-1 for an outside event today.  I worked an indoor event yesterday and one of my co-worker’s who was schedule to work the outside event joined me, stating the event was canceled.  In return I was offered to work the indoor event today if I wanted the hours since they were offered to me prior.  A kind gesture since event workers, usually do not get such options.  If an event is canceled the event workers usually just don’t get the option to pick up the hours elsewhere.

I arrived at 10am and a co-worker was supposed to start at 11am.   At 11:20 I saw her moseying down the alley in such speed that a snail could pass her, stating “sorry for cutting in front of you but I’m in a hurry today”.  She arrives at the booth stating “I’m not late. I arrived at 10:55am but had to wait for the manager to get me the pass to get in”.  I said: “They usually let you in if you tell them which vendor you are working”, thinking she wasn’t aware of this handy trick.  She said: “yes but I needed a parking pass as well”.  So I said: “there is vendor parking”, again thinking she doesn’t know about the vendor parking after all I didn’t know about it for nearly six month.  She said she didn’t want to talk about it further. Then she told me about the outdoor event for which she was schedule and didn’t know that it was canceled due to the weather but she will make the company pay for her driving time and gas.  To which I replied that the other co-worker knew about the cancelation and that she had worked with me at the indoor event the day before.  At this point she told me that I’m way too argumentative and she didn’t wanted to talk to me about it any longer and that the company has a responsibility.

I was stunned.  I really didn’t think I was being argumentative.  The again one can argue that I was since I didn’t agree with her.  Still I thought the information I gave her would help her the next time. I guess I need to point out that the manager who had to drive into town to bring her the parking and entrance pass has been doing the job of two people since one of the marketing people had resigned and no replacement has been put in place.  Plus the company nearly pays double what other companies pay their event workers.  Maybe subconsciously I thought she was being difficult and maybe I have a higher appreciation for the job and company then she does.

In return there was a rather uncomfortable air after she had accused me of being argumentative.  I guess it is also my shortcoming for not being able to engage into little small talk after her accusation.

Still it all worked out to my benefit.  I called the manager and asked if I could leave since I really wasn’t assigned to the shift at this event and the shift only required one person.  The manager agreed and I was able to go to the Genghis Khan Exhibition.  I had to stand in line for 1.5 hour. Still waiting was enjoyable since I had a really great conversation with the lady in line behind me.

This is not that great of a post but I had to get it off my chest and now I don’t feel so argumentative.  There is something said about Blog Writing Therapy.