Are You Positive? How and Why Affirmations Work.

I was cleaning up my inbox and found this from Sophie, who had posted it on her blog a few days ago.

As they say “we are what we think we are”.

Today’s Inspiration:

“Until a few months ago I never really got into affirmations. However, after reading Louise Hay’s books  I started to understand the power of affirmations. I loved this article, written by Jessica, describes how affirmations work and why they are so powerful.”


“An affirmation opens the door. It’s a beginning point on the path to change.”
– Louise Hay


Are You Positive? How and Why Affirmations Work.

I talk to myself a lot. Most of the time I do it in my head, but some times I will do it out loud. The latter is usually only in the company of my dog. I’m not crazy. Not by clinical standards, anyway. I simply understand the power my words and thoughts have over my life. Constantly repeating positive affirmations has had a major effect on my life.

According to Dr Bruce Lipton, most of our beliefs are formed when we are children. Perhaps it was said that you are stupid, lazy, selfish, or shy. This affirmation would have left an imprint in your mind, during the years that are most formative. And then these unwholesome statements can stay with you in the conscious or unconscious mind, only to be reinforced throughout the rest of your life. Unless you do something about it. The core beliefs that we have in this moment are the results of our past experiences – things we heard, things we’ve seen, and things we were told. This doesn’t make them real though.

The unconscious mind cannot tell the difference between a real or imagined idea, so it responds to whatever suggestions you give it. So, if you’re constantly telling yourself that you are stupid, fat, lazy, or shy – that is the reality you are going to create for yourself.

The awesome and empowering part of this is that we can turn it all around. When we are aware of the mind’s powerful ability to create whatever it is we tell it to, we can go ahead and do just that.

By repeating positive affirmations you can actually retrain your mind to create a reality that matches your goals.

By changing your perception, you change your reality. It all starts with the thoughts you think. These thoughts become your feelings, these feelings become your vibration and your vibration ultimately becomes your life. It is your vibration that determines whether you are attracting what you want into your life or not. So, as simple as they are, affirmations can transform every aspect of our lives including our health, relationships and success.


Affirmations. Whether you think you can, or think you can't. You are always right.


How to make affirmations work


For affirmations to be effective they must be written in the first person, be in the present tense, be goal orientated and be written as though they have already been achieved. So don’t go around saying things like “I wish” or “I will” or “I want”. You need to act as if.

You affirmations must be followed through with some kind of supporting action. You need to walk your talk. There’s no point in affirming that you’re a Power Ranger if you’re not prepared to go out and hire a coloured suit and helmet.


Here are some of the affirmations I repeat every day:

• I have a perfectly healthy body and mind
• I am healing now
• I love and approve of myself
• Abundance flows into my life in surprising ways every day
• Life flows effortlessly
• All my relationships are harmonious





Add power to your positivity


Repeat your affirmations as often as possible. The more you repeat them, the deeper they will be ingrained into your mind, and the faster they will be implemented in your subconscious.

You can speak them out loud, repeat them to yourself, write them down over and over again in a journal and write them on post it notes and stick them all over your house. I have mine written on the mirror in my bathroom, inside my diary, on my computer screen saver, on my vision board, and I even set reminders on my phone throughout the day so I am randomly greeted with something telling me “You look beautiful today, Jessica!”





This is a good post on Anger, could help but to re-blog it since the post does speak my mind.  I want to note, depression is closely related to anger however many people who are labeled with depression are not walking around stating they have anger issues. The post does a great job in linking Anger with Excuses.


I often try to avoid the mainstream media, because it generally infuriates me beyond reason or recourse.

Today, while staying home from work, sick and feverish, I came upon some news articles that, once again, upset me greatly. It is rarely the topic of the articles that upset me, although they are generally quite upsetting. It is more often the subtle judgments delivered by the author as to human motive that truly upsets me.

One such newsworthy event was entitled “McClintic said she had anger issues hours before Tori Stafford was killed”. I really do not want to get into the details of this disgusting murder story, but the point of this particular article appears to be that the alleged murderer has admitted to having anger issues, even up to the day of the murder.

Why am I bothered by this? Does it upset me that nobody reached out to this woman, when she was obviously calling out for help. No, that’s not it. Does it upset me that nobody noticed that she was a ticking time bomb? No, not that one either.

What truly upsets me about this article and its headline is the underlying assumption that some people can have anger issues, while others don’t.

Excuses. I really don’t like excuses. I can handle mistakes. I can accept being wrong. I can live with the occasional disappointment. But excuses will be the death of us all.

I have anger issues. You better watch out. I yell a lot. And stomp my feet. Because I have anger issues. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Don’t be surprised when I act like a fool. Don’t expect me to apologize when I hurt you. I have anger issues. You have been warned. I can’t control myself. It is who I am. I have no choice in the matter. I have anger issues. You wouldn’t understand. You have never seen the suffering I’ve seen. I earned my anger. And now I will spread it to all those around me. Because I have anger issues. How dare you challenge my right to my anger. Now I will really show you how angry I can get. See, I told you. I have anger issues. I wish you hadn’t pushed me to prove it to you. But then again, I have anger issues. You knew that from the start. It is your own fault that you woke the beast. I am not responsible. I have anger issues. You were warned.

Hmmm… It is true, I am sick and feverish and probably shouldn’t be blogging.

We need to wake up and realize that we all have anger. That does not give us the excuse to express it. It is the exact opposite. Our anger is a challenge. We have a responsibility not to express it. But to learn from it and harness it for higher purposes. Anger is like any other excuse. We tell it to ourselves because we are afraid to hear the truth. The Truth is that we are, all of us, striving for Perfection. But that is a very scary thing to have to live up to. It is so much easier to just make excuses. Especially if your track record so far is less than perfect. The thought of admitting that you have dedicated your entire life so far to a lie, is too much for most to bear. So instead we become the lie, so that it is no longer a lie. We become the anger. We become the lust. We become the greed. We become the hatred. We become the fear. And all of sudden, the excuses become the root of who we are.

So, what’s my excuse. I am a lover. I can’t help myself. It is who I am. It is what I do. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. When you stumble, I’ll stop to help you up. When you yell, I will sit and listen. I will not judge you. I will not point a finger. I have love issues. You have been warned. No matter what you give to me, I will give love back to you. I will laugh with you. I will cry with you. I will hold you. I will point you in the right direction and smile as you walk away, in pursuit of your Love. I have love issues. What can I say. It makes little sense. I get little out of it. But I enjoy it. I like love. I like spreading love. I like seeing that look in people’s eyes. I like surprising people with love. I have love issues. I do not expect others to understand my motives. I do not expect others to care. I just expect to be allowed to live in Love. You have been warned. I am love, and here I come.

7 Mental Mistakes That Stop You From Living a Life of Freedom and Peace

posted these

7 Mental Mistakes That Stop You From Living a Life of Freedom and Peace

this week on her blog.  I liked it so much I wanted to share it.

7 Mental Mistakes That Stop You From Living a Life of Freedom and Peace

How often do you lament the fact that you’re still not where you want to be?

There’s still something missing from your life that if you could get, you’d be happy.
Life doesn’t seem fair, and it never works out just the way you want it.
If you identify with any of these statements, then you’re most likely making mental mistakes that may hold you back for the rest of your life. The good news is that since they are mental mistakes, they can be changed, and when changed, your whole life can be changed.
1. Living in the Future

Do you dream of a better future where you have more money to travel, more time to do what you want, or even a better job? Then you’re falling into the first mental trap, which is giving your attention to a future projection that does not exist.
The future cannot save you. The more you complain, the worse you will feel.

The solution? Notice whenever you feel pulled to daydream and bring your attention back to your body. Be present with whatever is here and now, even if it feels negative. In the beginning, it may be uncomfortable, because you are used to running away, and your mind is active, but if you truly want to live a joyful life, then this is one of the fastest paths there.

This doesn’t mean you stop planning. It means you stop excessive future projection that leads to chronic dissatisfaction.

2. Living in the Past

Do you wish you could go back to the past and change something? Or maybe you’re marveling in a memory that is sweet as cotton candy. It fills you with joy and excitement, but at the same time, it carries with it a sour aftertaste, because it’s only a memory.
Remembering good times is all fine and good. The problem arises when it is done excessively. Whenever you notice your attention drifting away either to the past or future, gently bring it back, and notice how you’re feeling right now.

3. Saying No to the Here and Now

Staying right here and now can be painful. Stay vigilant of what is happening within you even as you read these words. Guard the temple that is your inner space.
How deep or shallow is your breathing? What thoughts are arising? Do you want to be somewhere else, do something else, have something better? Is there a problem in this present moment unless you think about it?

4. Going Nowhere Fast

Are you constantly in a hurry? You have a goal that you want to get to, because you think it will make your life better. The best measuring stick for a good goal is to ask yourself if it is making your life better right now.
If not, then drop the goal.

Most people are constantly going somewhere else. They are never here. And when they reach that somewhere else, they set a new goal, and off they go, back on the hamster wheel.

It is a never-ending journey that is full of suffering.

5. External Solutions to Internal “Problems”

Things do not give you peace, freedom, and fulfillment. It is your reaction to them that gives you all the good feelings. The good feelings come from inside, not from outside.
Beyond food, shelter, and a few basic needs, things do not dramatically increase your happiness, which is why you see so many miserable people swimming in material abundance. They are trying to fix something internal with something external. It just doesn’t work.

The only way to experience freedom and peace is to go inside.

6. Avoidance

Whenever you feel inner turmoil, negativity, suffering, or pain, sit with it, and be with it, without analyzing. It is the running away and wanting it to go away that feeds the fire. Stop avoiding what you are experiencing, and simply be.
Notice the chaos of your mind, and notice that you are not that. You are the presence behind your thoughts. And if you want to take it further, notice what is aware of both your thoughts and the presence behind them.

7. …

What if all your thoughts and ideas were like this? What if it was okay to feel whatever you feel? Just let it be. It is your constant wanting to change what is that stands between you and a life full of freedom and peace.

Read the full article here

How Quickly We Tumble Down the Rabbit Hole

February 13th was my last post.  Valentine’s Day was somewhat disappointing.

Mental Side Note [They say, “Lower your expectations and you will not be disappointed”.   I want to disagree.  Then again what does it really mean?  If we lower our expectation are we not ultimately lowering our own expectation?  We don’t just lower the expectation of the people around us but also of one self.  If we lower our expectation are we still able to live life at its fullest? Is it not better to try and fail then not to have tried in the first place? ]

Then I started coming down with a cold which did indeed take everything out of me.  I spend days in bed.  Not so sure what really kept me in bed for all these days was it the cold or was it the disappointment, probably a combination of both.

I started getting back in to the functional realm. Still getting up in the morning with a sore throat and a voice sounding like grinding stone on chalkboard doesn’t make for a fun day ahead. So I fully embraced my self-pity and happily and ineffectually muddled away, till today.

I read this blog post and it snapped be back into reality it made me realize my pain and disappointment I had experience in the last few weeks is nothing compared the burdens others have to carry.