Ways to Like Your Body Better

Our self-image the way we feel and think of our body, life, accomplishment, etc affects our state of mind hence it can increase or decrease our state of depression.

Starting if our self-image and how we perceive our body.

Don’t like looking in the mirror? Then look in the mirror. Seriously. But this time, change what you say to yourself.

Instead of mentally muttering, “My thighs are so big they need their own ZIP code,” say something objective and nonjudgmental (“My thighs are fuller than my calves” works).

It’s not just wishful thinking: Changing the words can actually change the negative feelings behind them. In fact, just three sessions of this “mirror-exposure therapy” worked better than professional counseling at improving the self-esteem, body image, and even depression of a group of women. (And this female study group didn’t have just everyday “I hate my hips” reactions to their mirror image. Their body-image issues were serious enough to put them in danger of developing eating disorders.)

If talking to the mirror isn’t your style, there’s another easy way to improve how you see yourself, and it’s not liposuction. It’s weight lifting. When a group of women lifted a few times a week for 12 weeks, they emerged feeling much more confident about their bodies. It happened no matter what size the women were or what shape they were in. It happened even if they gained weight during the study! And it gave them a more positive emotional outlook overall. It also heaped health benefits on them: well-toned muscles, stronger bones, a slightly higher metabolism, and more. What’s not to like about a body that has all that?