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I’m still new to all this and I mainly started due to the encouragement of my friend Dr. Genius which I have written about before and my behavioral therapist.  I’m not much of a writer and I’m never really pleased with what I write since I often lack the words of what I’m try to convey.  I read far more posts of others then I write myself.

Reading the blogs of others makes me feel better, thinking “WOW I’m not alone others struggle with the same issues”.  Now of course I have a set of friends to which I can go and confide in.  Maybe it’s just me but whenever I do I’m often left with a feeling of disappointment.  I tell my friends (except one of them) about an event that made me uncomfortable and I get “why didn’t you say XYZ” or I get “WOW I can’t believe you put up with that” or better “Well all you need to do is…”.

I’m left thinking; really did you just listen to what I said?  Did you take the time to put yourself into my position?  Are you really that sure of yourself that you would have handled the situation as you claim you would and if what should I think of you now?

Here is the link to a post I read earlier. (I wanted to just reblog it but couldn’t figure out how)  It’s one messed up situation but I would have done, in that situation, the exact same thing and if I would have told my friends later about it, all of them except one would have said things like I stated above.  I felt so much better after reading this post and felt terribly bad for the girl it happened too.


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  1. Wow. That was very informative. Even I have been a victim to a certain degree when I was younger. I never told on those dudes but I let them know I’ll cut their shit off in my own special way. (If you get what I mean) Thanks for the link.

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