Maybe somebody has an answer

As some of you may know, I’m an Event Worker on the weekends.  It is a fun job which I enjoy a great deal it also comes with a lot of perks.  Yesterday I worked a Wedding Show and ended up with two $20.00 gift cards, lots of samples, flowers, free food and jewelry.  It was a good day.

However, this month I’ve noticed that each time I work an outdoor event it is far more tiring then an indoor event.  I did not notice this last year and I worked many outdoor events in the summer and fall.

Today I worked an outdoor event and had the opportunity to pick up additional hours which I really wanted however by 2:00pm I was so tired I could have fallen asleep while standing.  A friend of mine had pointed out that the body takes more energy keeping warm and that may be the reason why I had been so tired however it wasn’t that cold today.  In addition since I have been so tired I did pay attention to my diet and in addition to my vitamin B supplement I do have a pretty good diet which fruit etc., very little fast food maybe once a week.  In addition I sleep well at night and since I’m so tired don’t have any trouble falling asleep.  I used to read in bed before going asleep but not anymore. After one or two pages I’m ready to put the book aside.

Today I came home from work and had to go straight to bed so I could meet my friend for dinner this evening.  I slept for 2 hours and I was totally out until I had to get up to meet my friend.

Any ideas?  Could is just be the cold temperature as my friend said?  Should I up the vitamins?

It may be a silly questions and maybe the answer is just “sleep more” however when it comes to managing depression both to much sleep or not enough sleep can be the starting point of tumbling down the rabbit hole again.


One thought on “Maybe somebody has an answer

  1. Not sure but by reading you post, you do sound kinda busy. Maybe you’ve been over doing it a little. Sometimes it takes a while to catch up with you but it will. Happens to the best of us. We generally take a day and do absolutely nothing at all. To recover. Rest day. Do not bother me day. This baby is a whole lotta work for a crippled chick and gamemaster ain’t in the best of shape either. This is wearing us out. We need rest day do nothing day for sure. Just a thought. (She’s refusing to go to bed without him holding her. Spoiled. I know. But this could take half the night).

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