My Feet

Maybe, this has happened to you as well.  You come across in image, a photo or a painting of some object and the way the object is presented is so cool you want to duplicate but you never manage to present the object in a way that you are satisfied with it.  Then you come across more photos and paintings of the same object and they are all so awesome but yours never turns out in a way that you like it and you frustrated.

It happened to me and the object was feet.

I did photos, sculptures painting you name it but I was never happy with the outcome until now.

Finally, now I can take this out of my Bucket List.


2 thoughts on “My Feet

  1. So cute. It’s why we call my daughter Twink. She had pajamas with the feet made like that and it was the way she was walking in them. I love it and my lil’ Twinkle Toes too. Is this your work? Pretty, I should a said instead of cute. Lol

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