In 2012 I will…

This blog inspired me to write the list below.  Interesting I really thought I had my goals for 2012 all mapped out but if you think it’s mapped out in your head until you really write it all down you really don’t realized how fuzzy it all is.  I guess I really need to go back to the drawing board and clearly map out what I plan to accomplish in 2012.

Thanks Ann

In 2012 I will….quit smoking. (I’m down to two cigarettes a day and I’m having a hard time letting go of these last two)

Be more organized i.e. do it now not later.

Sort out my life and closets i.e. less is more.

Run a 5k.

Start taking dance classes again and participate in at least one show.

Read more books then last year.  I only read 22.

Paint and work on developing my own style.

Write a book (not really sure if I can pull that off)

Volunteer work.

Write monthly reviews and grant myself a wish if I completed everything which I had set out to do for that month.


2 thoughts on “In 2012 I will…

  1. 2 cigarettes. Wow. Hell. You could quit in no time. Very realistic list. I hope that works for you and keep me posted. 2 cigarettes. We are so jealous of you. Lol

    • Thanks but if you keep in mind that I get my cigarettes 2 at the time I’m not doing that well. If I would buy a packs of cig. I would smoke much more. On the days I don’t have to go to work the thought of wanting a cig. comes rather early in the day, then I try to push the trip to pick up my 2 cig. out as far as possible still there have been days were I make 2 trips and ended up smoking 4 cig. Then I feel like crap the next day. I also noticed, now I’m getting really tired after smoking.

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