Does Fear Kill Us

Sunday evening I went to a Cancer Fundraiser.   Yeah, I had a busy day Sunday.  I had worked for a few hours at the RV Show, then I went to the Genghis Khan Exhibit and in the evening I went to the Cancer Fundraiser.

It was an awesome evening.  We sat around shared our experiences and painted ballerinas. I’m extremely happy with the outcome of mine mainly because everybody told me that I actually managed to make the ballerina’s facial features look like mine.  Then again, maybe everybody was just being nice, since when I asked my sister she only said “it’s a nice painting”, which means she doesn’t think it looks like me.

As we sat around painting, eating, snipping on wine and exchange stories, I realized that one of the girls was already a 25 year cancer survivor; where as many of us lost someone too cancer and not being a cancer survivor.  She was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 14.  This made me wonder and I asked myself the question if the fear of cancer, hence the fear of death kills us instead of the cancer or the chemo.

So I went to a bunch of doctors, pharma people and chiropractors and asked the question.  Oddly enough nobody really was comfortable to engage in the conversation.


2 thoughts on “Does Fear Kill Us

  1. It’s the cancer and a lot of times the chemo. Chemo is horrible. Just to watch someone you love go through chemo is heartbreaking. There are different kinds but chemo can permanently damage you. Radiation was even worse for my loved one. She is taking a break from chemo but she’s gonna have to go back. Lots of our friends died from cancer. They didn’t want chemo. My loved one may need a surgery which she doesn’t want and all my family members except a few died from cancer. They didn’t fear death. They feared chemo itself. Sorry for rambling on. But the cancer and the treatments kill.

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