Less is More

Last year, while I was unemployment and as I was going through behavioral therapy I started to look at the world through a different lens.

I’m still analyzing and processing however I have noticed being depressed also makes you somewhat hypocritical and counterproductive.  Then again, depression isn’t easy to understand maybe because there is no logic to emotions.

Over the holidays I spend much time with my sister.  Being with my sister and her friends I realized the truth in the statement my boyfriend makes every now and then, “less is more”.

My sister and her friends all live in these picture perfect flats.  Not the Martha Stuart beauty which is packed full with eye candy.  There is little décor but all perfectly selected and well placed.

We tend to equate our status, the meaning of life to the amount of stuff we accumulate.  We feel down so we treat ourselves to a shopping trip to feel better.  We feel better if we have the ability to acquire more stuff. However, the more stuff we accumulate to more responsibilities we acquire.   We all want these beautiful homes and gardens displayed in the Martha Stuart and Better Homes and Garden magazines but we forget how much time the upkeep requires.  We go out acquire all the new décor or plants for the yard.  Spend the entire weekend to get it just like in the picture and then life takes over.  Soon we find ourselves overwhelmed and every room in our house has turned into total disarray due to the endless number of dust collectors we had acquired. Every room screams, “do something about this you loser” and we don’t even know where to start.  We feel down and depressed and treat ourselves to another shopping trip to feel better.