Tiger Rescue

Back in November a friend of mine schedule a trip for us girls to go to the Tiger Rescue.  At first many of us were very excited about the upcoming trip however as the date was approaching I suppose many of them had thoughts similar to mine.  Why did she schedule the trip in January?  Why didn’t she schedule the trip when it is warmer outside?

Last Friday we met and for a little paint party.  (This is the result of it.)  I discovered that everybody had a different excuse for not going.  I was a little annoyed, after all if one of your friends is going through the trouble of scheduling a trip you should show some respect.  Sure we all have some form of life and things can come up still some consideration is due.  I did have some mixed feelings as well, plus the trip certainly didn’t fit into my work schedule however I did state that I was interested in going weeks ago when she first brought it up so I ended up rearranging my work schedule.  In addition, something in the back of my mind told me, there was a reason for her scheduling the trip that early in the year.

So this morning, I got up at the crack of dawn.  After a huge pot of coffee, I packed myself tired self into my car and drove out into the middle of nowhere.  I ended up regretting the huge pot of coffee since all it did was having me stop at every Rest-Stop for poddy breaks.  Considering the types of Rest-Stops I encountered I did really drive into the middle of nowhere.  Plus, I’m lost count of the number of times I had to stop since the deers clearly believed they rule the road.  Still, they didn’t like cameras since each time I rolled down the window to snap a picture they disappeared.

At the tiger rescue I figured out why my friend scheduled the trip so early in the year.  Even though tigers come from a much warmer climate they actually like the cool temperatures and in return were very active.  The uploaded pictured don’t do the experience any justice.

All the animals at this tiger rescue were abandoned by their former owners.  Many people think that taking you tiger on a little stroll is cool, however after 4-5 months this cute little baby tiger you see here being taking out on a stroll by its owner will take the owner for a walk instead.