In January of this year I went to a lecture on Positive Psychology.  I wasn’t sure what to think of it mainly because the lecture was around Dr. Seligman’s research and what he called authentic happiness.


I wanted to give the lecture the BS card mainly because of the label “Authentic Happiness”  really – what is authentic happiness???

Now I’m sitting here asking myself, how can you quantify happiness? What makes it authentic?

I remember a conversation I had with a friend of mine, telling her about my relationship with my ex-boyfriend, saying “I was happy”.  She replied “that isn’t happy”.  Maybe I should have asked her what happiness is, since she appeared to have the answer.

Happiness, the most desired human emotion and in itself the most obscure, indescribable downright mysterious emotion of all.  It is something we all want, but can’t describe.  It is something we all seek but often we are unaware of its present.  Is it possible we are so eager to find it we totally ignore its presents?  Is it possible that happiness is the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife which we have learned to take for granted?