Deciphering Emerging Neuroscience as it relates to Depression

Recently I went to a lecture on Emerging Neuroscience.  The lecture started with the quote from Aristotle; “The fool tells me his reasons. The wise man persuades me with my own”.

If you consider the underlying beliefs of mantras it starts to form some clarity.  Mantras are used in a variety of forms depending on the school of philosophy it is associated with.  Mantras are considered capable of creating a transformation.

The transformation associated with the mantras isn’t due to higher power within the sound, syllable, word, or group of words that make up the mantra it is due to our belief within.

We tend to believe and remember that which we hear ourselves say far more than what is told to us.

Let me give you an example which has happened to me earlier this summer.

A friend called and said “I’m so depressed!” Naturally I asked “Why”.  She started telling me how she had mailed out 10 resumes and nobody had called her back.  I engaged in the conversation on how depressing the current economic stage is, how difficult it is to even get an interview and when you finally get one it can turn into total torture and you end up leaving the interview totally deflated.  Then out of nowhere my friend turned the conversation around, telling me how much money she is making on her current job, how much money her husband is making and that they are leaving on a two week vacation in a few weeks.  At the end of the call, my friend no longer appeared depressed however I was, since I was financially in a different situation and the call was drawing attention my situation.  At that time I haven’t learned the valuable lesson from my friend Jane which I wrote about back in October.

A few days later this particular friend called again and said “I’m so depressed”. Again I asked “Why” and she said “well remember I mailed out 10 resumes and nobody is calling me back”.  This time, still feeling the effects from the last call in every bone of my body I engaged in the conversation differently. I said; “You mailed out 10 resumes over a week ago and you are still harping on the fact that nobody is calling you back, I have responded to hundreds of Job Ads in the last few weeks so far nobody has called me back either however I’m determined to get another job and I will.  You have one, so you really don’t have to put the same amount of energy into your job search nonetheless you will get out of it what you put in.”

Needless to state the call ended shortly after that; however, I was left with a feeling of empower, with a sense of control and confidence about my employment situation.