Structure and Balance


There is the yin and yang, good and evil, the male principal and the female principal and so on.

From early age, my father had an acute awareness of these principals and its need for balance.  As a child he excelled in mathematics, philosophy and oratory rhetoric; script, grammar and spelling were his weaknesses.  The assumption, the more you read the better your grammar and spelling will become did not apply to him.  He made it clear to his teachers, he didn’t feel a need to try to further his skills in script, and grammar or spelling neither did the conquering of his weakness appeal to him.  He simply stated “My time on this earth is finite; I see no need in furthering my skills in script, grammar or spelling. It is a waste of my time, if I simply can marry a woman who possesses such skill. My future wife will fulfill me and bring what I’m lacking”.

One can say he had a keen sense of awareness even as a child.

His view was, opposites cannot stand neither be viewed in isolation, they are interconnected and interdependent and such was his view on order and chaos. His belief was if you structure your life in such an orderly fashion so you will never encounter any confusion or disarray you may live a life in comfort though nothing forces you to stretch your mind.  He firmly believed progress will only come out of conflict.  Much along the lines of; “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

Even though my father pushed the seeking of conflict to extremes there is truth to his philosophy, which covers an array of matters, for finding the right partner, to effective time management to having the proper balance of order and chaos so it will stretch your mind beyond your current edge.