Lack of Motivation – Depression – Or Plain Lazy

It has been more than 10 days since my last post.  Did motivation disappear or did life take over?  How hard is it to write something worth posting?  I haven’t even finished setting up the entire site since I wanted to add additional pages showing my paintings and photos, plus adding some reference materials.

I was offered a part-time job and my training starts on Monday.   This has occupied much of my time since the first time in two years I have to wear professional clothing again.  With the professional clothing comes the whole, hair, nails and make-up thing.  For some girls, such as my sister, this is second nature for me it is somewhat a struggle. My sister would now raise her eyebrows and say; “A struggle??? No, no struggle you are just lazy and your laziness causes your depression since how can you be depressed if you look your best”.

There is some validity to her statement. Still, no matter how much my sister boasts about her efficiency she spends an average of three hours a day to look the way she does, not considering the amount of money she spends on accomplishing this perfect look of hers.

I try to twist her theory, trying to find arguments on how the time and money could be put to better use. I cannot totally disregard her theory neither can I find fallacy in her statement; “Not only will you feel better when you look good, your capabilities are first judged by your appearance research and studies support such there is no escaping.”