“The descent to Avernus, that is, the road down to hell is of no effort finding your way back is the tricky part”.

Your descent from the domain of order into the domain of chaos can be due to your own actions or actions of others beyond your control. Your descent from the realm of order to chaos, sheer chaos can happen within a matter of seconds if your starting point is your personally designed wasteland.  Your boss tells you, you are laid off.  You assume loyalty, structure and income, as you have faithfully contributed your part, in return you are told you are no longer needed, your contribution is no longer of valued, your worth and your self-worth has diminished to zero. Better yet you assume fidelity and your partner tells you they had an affair. You descended in chaos, you entered hell. Everything you perceived to be true has become false and you no longer know who that person is or what to do.  The world you once have known, is no more.

You don’t know what to do. Your brain however does. It goes into emergency preparation mode.  It stops saving up recourses, as far as I remember, it activates your left and right cortices, your cortisol levels go up, your limbic and motivational systems are disinhibited.  Some people start to sweat for me my teeth chatter and you can’t sleep.

Motivation is a drive or desire that compels you to do something. If you limbic and motivational systems are disinhibited there is no drive or desire and even though you can’t sleep you stay in bed.  Lack of motivation is on part of depression. However there are others, who, in the stage of chaos go in overdrive and do anything and everything at the drop of a hat.  Anything is better then this.  They act without thinking just to be acting and may even become more destructive and dig a deeper hole*.

But what do you do about it? Could this not turn into and endless cycle? How do you break out of it?

*There is a great story about a guy in a hole, which I have to post sometime.


2 thoughts on “Avernus

  1. I think that one of the great things about understanding how and why things happen is that it allows us to know how to manipulate them. The limbic system is strongly linked to goal directed behaviour. Put simply – we acquire feelings about planned actions as they are processed by the limbic system, it also permits a link into previous experience (memory). Engagement of experience/memory of activity systems will also stimulate the limbic system, which may be one of the reasons why making oneself do activities that you usually find enjoyable – even when you don’t feel like it is recommended. It is not guaranteed that you will enjoy it, but it usually does help to increase your level of motivation to do something else even if it is small and requires only a small amount of energy. Similarly doing automatic activities like showering etc can help to engage a little motivation as your brain is stimulated by memory of activity.

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