Not Drawing Attention To “IT”


A profound statement from my friend Jane was another reason in the delay of starting this blog. She had been unemployed for two years as well and her unemployment was about to run out as well. I had the feeling she was rather depressed so I emailed her asked her if she would like to meet and talk about it.  Her response was; “correct however I don’t see any sense in talking about it since it would only draw attention to it”.

Jane had a valid point about not wanting to attract more attention to her already hopeless situation.  What good would come of it talking to someone in the same situation?  We would only sit around commiserating. Then again, misery seeks company.

Considering her statement I was wondering if this blog would just draw more attention to my depression and if I ended up doing more harm then good. Even though, my depression is situational* there are times I just want to sit around, feel sorry for myself and be around people who are in a similar situation. However, if you surround yourself with people who agree with you or are in the same situation, you place yourself in the wasteland.  You already know what you know. As unpleasant it may be, surrounding yourself with people who disagree with you will help you see things differently. A difficult task to undergo when depressed.

In order to find your way out of the wasteland and into the Promised Land you need a guide.

*I believe depression comes in many different forms. I labeled mine, situational depression. I believe if I still would be happily employed I would be able to deal better with death of my father and the sudden death of cousins.